About Pranav Negandhi

My name is Pranav Negandhi, a software developer by profession. I take pride in abusing the English language with my lengthy, irrelevant essays that nobody reads. I refuse to succumb to a regular update schedule for this website. Hence, you’ll miss little by not visiting everyday.

Thinking of Ice Cream - by Uma Konappalli

Flattering photography by Uma Konappalli

Resume and Contact

People who are interested in knowing more about my professional career can view my resume here.

Comments for this website can be sent to me on pranav@pranavnegandhi.com.

This Site

The idea for this website occured to me while I languished late one night at work, struggling with last minute additions to the layout of a content management application. Try as I might, I could not formulate anything that vaguely echoed any aesthetics and usability, favouring instead a layout that would be as easy to implement as possible. I eventually ended up grabbing entire pages off the main website, splicing in the necessary text editors and calling it a day.

That’s when it struck me – I really am not a designer. I booked the domain name the next day and began posting some basic software and programming related articles. Since then, this website has grown to become home to several more topics of my interest – social causes, consumer rights, and more recently, cycling. Since May this year I have gotten down to a more regular writing schedule due to my various cycling excursions.